How do I redeem reward points for a discount on my purchase?

Using the Bright Brain rewards system is free and easy!

You can choose to apply your reward points during the checkout process or save them up until you are ready to use them for a HUGE discount.

To check your point balance at any time, simply go to the ACCOUNT page and check out the rewards section. This will show you how many points you have, your earning history and more.


Once you are ready to redeem some rewards, they can be applied during the checkout process.

  • First, ensure that you are logged in to your account.
  • When you are ready to complete your purchase, you can apply the reward points while in your shopping cart or on the payment page.
  • If applying points in your shopping cart, you will see a section on the right-hand side under the 'Summary' section, where you can apply your reward points. You can choose to use all of your points, or just some.
  • Once you have chosen the amount you wish to use, simply click the 'Apply Points' button to redeem them towards your purchase.
  • You can also apply the points on the payment page, directly underneath the section in which your credit card details are entered. Once you select the number of rewards you wish to use, you click the apply button.

Please be aware that our system is unable to combine multiple promotions on a single order. This means promotions like free shipping, bundle discounts, coupon codes, and rewards cannot be combined on a single purchase. Only one can be selected.

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