Does melatonin cause bad or vivid dreams?

As a sleep aid  supplement, melatonin is associated with helping you get to sleep — and stay asleep. However, many people who take melatonin also report having vivid or bad dreams, a side effect that may be concerning.

Generally speaking, you might have more vivid dreams or nightmares for a multitude of reasons including, anxiety, stress, health, other medications and more.

If you are experiencing vivid or bad dreams after taking Crash & Reboot, which ingredients include Melatonin, it may be your body’s natural response to falling into a deeper, more restful sleep for a longer period of time.

Clinical Studies have found that the melatonin in Bright Brain's Crash & Reboot increases the length of REM sleep, which is the sleep cycle in which vivid dreams typically occur.

When you are asleep, melatonin also releases vasotocin, a protein that regulates REM sleep. Increased amounts of melatonin may lead to higher levels of vasotocin and therefore more REM sleep and the vivid dreams that accompany that sleep cycle.

Scientists have also studied the relationship between melatonin and memory. A 2020 study found that after melatonin broke down in the body, one of the resulting molecules helped mice improve their long-term memory.

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