Why Won't My Coupon Code Work Or Apply To My Order?

We love to offer coupons to our current and new customers whenever we can to get them the most savings possible!

When available, coupons can offer discounts, rewards, or special promotions for your nootropics purchase.

Most frequently, when customers are unable to redeem a coupon, it is due to one of the following issues:

  1. Combining coupons and/or promotions - No more than one coupon or promotion can be applied to your purchase. This includes free shipping, multiple coupons for different offers, or reward points.
  2. Expired Coupons - Please ensure your coupon is active and not expired. You should see an error message on the website indicating your coupon is expired when you attempt to use it.

  3. Unfulfilled Requirements - Many times a coupon is not able to be applied if the correct items and/or quantity are not in your shopping cart. For example, if Bright Brain is offering 5% off 2 or more products, you must have at least 2 items in your shopping cart.

  4. Log In - Some of our promotions are only available to be used once. For these specific coupons, you must be logged in to redeem the code.

  5. Free Shipping - Since free shipping is a promotional item, it cannot be combined with other coupons.


Please note that our system cannot retroactively apply coupons to purchases, so if you have any questions about a discount, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time via the help desk.

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