Are your products tested for purity?


Ingredient quality is one of the most important factors to ensure success while using nootropics from any company. Bright Brain has developed a robust and reliable supply chain with its parent company as a manufacturer in the 2000s.

Our history, supply chain, and partners means you can be assured that all of Bright Brain's products have the best ingredients available and each product's ingredients are accurate, tested and proven.

Every single ingredient is tested for purity and assigned certificates of analysis (COA). This means that each product has been checked to ensure you are getting the best product available.

Wholesalers, Retailers, & Distributors may view all certificates, batch information, and testing in the wholesale section of the website once logged in.

Once logged in to your wholesaler portal, click the 'Products' tab, and you can see:

  • COA's for each ingredient, as well as full batch testing results for mixed powders and products.
  • Supplier COA and 3rd party COA for each manufacturing batch by date.
  • Production batch data and supplier verification.
  • CoC (Chain of Custody) for each production batch along with dates.

Wholesalers, Retailers, & Distributors can also request a certificate for a specific batch or date at any time. Please contact us with your direct request.

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