What Do I Do If My Order Has Arrived Damaged Or Opened?

Thank you for ordering from Bright Brain. We share the excitement of our products arriving at your doorstep and are here to help with any delivery issues! Please note that there have been quite a bit of changes with delivery services lately. Those, along with COVID-19, have been causing some significant delays or routing issues that have affected a number of customers.

With hundreds of millions of packages being shipped every day through UPS and USPS, there are unfortunately going to be random issues. We do everything we can to ensure reliable delivery and almost 100% of orders are processed in 12 hours, depending on when it is placed.

Every single product and shipment is inspected at our facilities during order fulfillment and before being released for shipment with the carrier. No packages are ever sent with damaged product or packaging.

If your package has arrived and has been damaged in transit or looks to have been opened, we recommend taking the following steps:


  1. When the package arrives, ensure you take a photo of the packaging before opening the shipment.

    All carriers are required to mark packages that show visible damage or evidence they have been opened with a label that indicates its condition. This is also added to the tracking information with the time and location it was noticed by the carrier or submitted in the system.

    If there is no label indicating it was opened or damaged, it is imperative you take a photo of the packaging in case you can submit a claim to the carrier.

  2. After you have taken the picture, you can open your shipment to inspect the product for damage. If everything looks OK, there should be no concern, proceed with product usage. We still like to hear from our customers if there is damage, so we can notify the carrier.

  3. If there is an issue that has affected the product, you will need to file a claim with the carrier. Depending on the shipping service selected, most options have built in insurance for 50 to 100 Dollars.

    Per the website, if you have selected USPS first class or free USPS first class, insurance is typically not included, and no coverage is provided for damaged or lost packages. Bright Brain is unable to reship orders that have no coverage or in instances where no claim can be made.

  4. USPS claims can be made here.
    UPS claims can be made here.
    FedEx claims can be made here.

    When filling a claim, please include as much information as possible for the shipping carrier. This includes the photos you have taken previously, a copy of the invoice, details of the damage, etc.

    If you are having issues filing a claim and need assistance, please contact us using the help desk, and we will be happy to assist or file a claim on your behalf if for some reason you are unable to.

Please be aware that Bright Brain has no control over the delivery process of any orders once the item has been picked up from our facilities. Any damages and/or issues with the delivery of your product will be handled directly by the service carrier you purchased at checkout, such as USPS, FedEx and UPS.

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