Customer Support has contacted me to verify my order details, what should I do?

In cooperation with the major credit card companies, banks, and debit card providers, our credit card processing department has established a set guideline to ensure the purchase process at Bright Brain is fast, safe, and 100% secure.

Although an initial purchase has gone through our system, customer service might still be required to contact you via the website to confirm details from the method used to purchase the product.  DON'T WORRY! This does not indicate anything is wrong, but is typically requested by the Credit Card company due to an increased risk assessment of a specific transaction. This could be for reasons such as addresses not matching what is on record with the credit card company, the size of a purchase, multiple failed purchases attempts, or something else.

Verification is fast and easy and is done simply to protect Bright Brain's and our valued customers from inaccurate, fraudulent, or incorrect orders.

Once the requested information is provided and details verified, your order will be shipped immediately.

Please note that although the Help Desk is encrypted and secured, Bright Brain will never ask for your full 16 digit credit card number and will only communicate through the online help-desk at Never share your private or financial information with others unless you are sure our communication meets this criterion.

Bright Brain is protected by encrypted SSL, VeriSign Trusted, and is a verified UpFront Merchant.

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