Why is my order stuck in transit or not moving?

First, congratulations and thank you for ordering your Bright Brain product!

Depending on the time of your order, all shipments are typically processed for delivery in less than 24 hours (Sometimes in less than 1 hour!) but can also take longer depending on your order's contents or the warehouse's activity levels.

Please check your tracking before contacting us. We do not control the shipping process with USPS or UPS, and any shipping questions after the parcel has been sent should be directed to them.


After an order has been picked up from our facilities, the tracking status will typically be:

"Accepted - Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending"


This status indicates the package was scanned when picked up from our shopping center and is currently in transit to you. 

Depending on your shipping method, the next tracking update will be updated while in transit to you or when it arrives at your local post office sorting center. 

It is completely normal to not see updates for a few days after the item is picked up if the shipping service you selected was USPS Ground Advantage. This is the post office's most economical shipping service, and packages are not updated as frequently in transit as priority or express parcels are.

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