Are your nootropics offered in powder form?

At this time, we do not offer our available nootropics in powder form. While dealing with nootropics in powder form certainly has its benefits, capsules provide convenience and user-friendliness that you can’t get when using scoops, scales and home encapsulating machines.

We recognize that one of the reasons people like to measure their own powders is because different amounts work for different people, and all this was taken into account when considering how much to put in each capsule.

When you are interested in purchasing nootropics, one of the things to realize is that it is much easier to enhance memory and cognitive ability in the long term with capsules. When you have to make your own pills, it is very easy to forget to take a dosage or just skip taking it altogether, it’s simply time-consuming. Other things to contend with when you’re using powder is its bitter tastes even with a chaser, and the potential for degradation via each exposure to air, humidity, light, and heat.

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