Why Does My Bottle Look Different Or Smaller?


Bright Brain's Sustainable Packaging Evolution


Why has Bright Brain changed its packaging?

At Bright Brain, we are committed to continuously enhancing our packaging solutions to improve the overall product experience for our customers while minimizing our environmental impact. Over the years, our packaging has evolved to meet these goals, aligning with the latest sustainable practices.


What changes have been made to the packaging?

In recent years, specifically from 2022 to now, we've made significant upgrades to our packaging. We transitioned from the larger 90-pill glass jars to more compact, eco-friendly jars that hold 30 pills each. These smaller jars are not only better for the environment, but also more convenient for storage and travel, ensuring our customers can easily take their Bright Brain products anywhere.


Will the product quality change with the new packaging?

Absolutely not! You will continue to receive the same high-quality product. The only difference is the more sustainable and portable packaging, which reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility without compromising the effectiveness of our products.


How does the new packaging affect pricing?

We're excited to announce that the shift to more efficient packaging has allowed us to reduce costs. We are passing these savings directly to our customers, offering better pricing without sacrificing quality or our environmental values.


What other benefits does the new packaging offer?

Our new packaging design not only reduces our ecological footprint, but also enhances convenience for our customers. The sturdy, smaller jars are easier to store, handle, and transport, making it simple for you to maintain your wellness routine, even on the go.

For any further questions or feedback about our new packaging, feel free to contact us.


Your satisfaction and the planet's well-being are our top priorities!



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