Why are the amount of Ingredients listed on the website are different than the bottle label?

Bright Brain is always researching, testing, and improving our formulations to improve and build on the current success of all our products.

Occasionally, these improvements will include slight changes to the amount of a specific ingredient(s) in our products. Starting in 2020, regulations no longer requires physical label updates on the product for only minor formulation changes that do not add or remove ingredients.

When these changes occur, any and all Bright Brain products with old formulations or different ingredient levels are removed from our inventory and never shipped to customers. All distributors and retailers are also notified and provided with replacement product. This way, we can ensure a customer always has the latest formulation and the absolute best product available.

For this reason, sometimes the labeling on your product might differ slightly from what is currently stated on the website. You can rest assured that the product ingredients will always match what you ordered from the website at the time of your purchase.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your ingredients, please contact us via the help desk at any time!

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