How do I cancel my subscription or automated orders?

Bright Brain currently does not have subscription products/services that automatically charge a customer or ship a product without their knowledge and authorization.

There are numerous fraudulent companies in the Nootropics Industry that trick customers into monthly product subscription purchases by offering a free or low-cost initial order. Bright Brain does not do this, and we recommend never trusting a company that offers this.

Every single purchase made with Bright Brain must be completed by the customer by providing their credit and billing information to us for each order either in person, over the phone, or online.

Bright Brain NEVER charges customers without their authorization. If a company ever claims to be Bright Brain, or claims to have some affiliation with us and has charged you or shipped your product, you can rest assured it was NOT Bright Brain. Just please let us know about it by using the Contact Us link and include the information from the invoice. 

We built our reputation through hard work, innovation, great products, and amazing customer service. We will pursue any person or company trying to use our reputation to make money by scamming innocent customers or using our name to sell substandard products.

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