Why does Absolute Focus make me tired or sleepy?


In the supplement industry, nootropics come in a variety of types, combinations, and chemical compositions. Just like nootropics, every single person's biology is different and can react and process ingredients differently than someone else.


For example, if 100 people were to purchase vitamin capsules that contain any types of dairy products:


  • 90 people on average would have zero problems using them.
  • Four could have issues digesting the vitamins.
  • The last three might have an allergic reaction.


Although it is extremely rare, studies suggest that some ingredients used in Absolute Focus, could cause tiredness or sleepiness. The most common cause suspected in these studies was attributed to low choline levels in the individual.


Choline levels can be improved through a better diet or supplements. As with any supplement, a healthy diet, sleep schedule and exercise are always recommended for the best results.


Other studies have suggested that tiredness could be due to increased histamine levels caused when the body processes certain ingredients.


It is recommended to take Absolute Focus for a regular period in order to achieve optimal results. Most do not feel the full results after their first use since the chemicals have to build up in the users' body.




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