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Bright Brain Affiliate Program - 100% Free with unlimited Earning Opportunity

Want to make EASY money by simply putting up a link on your website or blog? We don't care what your site content includes.... It can be about Health, Vitamins, Beain Health, Cognitiave Research, Gifts, Gaming, Strategy, Gadgets, News, or even a Blog. If you think you want to make money, then consider becoming part of our FREE affiliate program.

We pay up to 25% (Depending on volume of sales) of the total sale back to you just for referring the customer from your site! Order totals range from $30 to over $1000 or more!. All the hard work is already done for you. Simply sign up, paste the required code to get our image on your site, and start making money today! We also have one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. Join today by clicking below!

Please note: we will continually update the links, banners, and marketing material we offer our affiliates to help them with online promotion, but if there is something specific you need or have questions about our nootropic affiliate program, you can contact us at any time at the help desk.

How does it work?

  • After you sign up and post your link, any customer who makes a purchase using your link, you get commission on!
  • The customer is assigned to you for the life of their purchases, and you get paid ON EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE THEY MAKE!
  • Once you reach $100 in commissions, you can get a check cut directly to you, or claim your commissions as a gift certificate used for store purchases!
  • You can track any sales from the website and see how much you are making every month! 
  • Sales are typically updated and confirmed at the end of every week, and checks are cut at the end of every month!
  • No tricks, no gimmicks, just cold hard cash for referring the product you already love.

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Commercial Affiliates

Commercial Affiliates such a dedicated nootropic, CBD, or focused/high traffic sites can sign up through the traditional link and please contact us regarding our commercial affiliate program.  This earns you dedicated coupon codes, giveaways, SEO, and higher commissions rates!

Personal purchases made by affiliate members, including those with the same billing or shipping information, are not eligible for commissions.  All participants must abide by our terms and conditions of the site, including copyright and trademark licenses.

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