Wholesale Terms And Conditions Overview

  1. Any warranty or terms are identical to normal product purchases unless otherwise stated and is between Bright Brain and the Distributor.

  2. If you have any problems or questions along the way, please contact our Customer service via the website or your account manager.

  3. Any retailers or wholesalers planning to resell our product via e-commerce, or an online method must have expressed permission from Bright Brain prior to offering our product to retail customers.

  4. Companies selling online must never sell our products at a price lower or value lower than what is currently offered on our website. This includes bundled offers, specials, and coupons.  This is only applicable to online sales and not in store.

  5. Our customer support group is always happy to support and answer questions for your customers. As you are buying at wholesale and are the ones in a position to make the lion’s share of the profits, your company will be responsible for warranty claims, issues, or returns with customers, not our office.

  6. Websites used by Distributors and Sales Reps/Affiliates must not have a name or URL that is in any way similar to BrightBrain.com or variations thereof. Resellers or Wholesalers are in no way allowed to represent themselves as part of the Bright Brain Company or an authorized representative.

  7. Retailers and wholesalers are forbidden to sell any generic (Not obtained from Bright Brain) under the Bright Brain name or as an accessory/add-on to our products and solutions.

  8. Bright Brain products must never be sold to children or in locations where Bright Brain products or ingredients might not be allowed.


Any failure to abide by the above conditions can result in a suspension or cancellation of distributor rights or legal action, should it detrimentally affect the Bright Brain name, business, or image. for the undersigned parties

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